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Introducing HyperTone™ Stains

HyperTone™ Stains utilizes proprietary water/oil hybrid technology to deliver revolutionary penetration of high-quality pigment. This brand-new stain line is available in 14 standard colors, including primary colors, and can be mixed and matched to complement any existing design style.

  • Rich and deep colors can be endlessly mixed and matched
  • Non-flammable, stain rags of this product will not spontaneously combust
  • Easy to clean up using just soap and water
  • Low, non-offensive odor
  • Fast drying, ready to walk on in as little as 30 minutes
  • Easy application for use on maple, oak, and almost all wood floor species

Providing the stain market with much-needed answers to health, safety, and environmental concerns, this is THE product to get hyped about in 2019! Learn more.


Introducing GymShoe™

With best-in-class durability and dry times, GymShoe™ is the next evolution of waterbased 2-component sport finishes that will keep floors in even the busiest gyms looking better longer.

  • Ultra-durable finish maintains higher gloss levels in high-traffic facilities
  • Dries in 2-3 hours and cures in 7 days to minimize downtime
  • 24-hour pot life, can be re-catalyzed for less wasted finish
  • Clear urethane will not yellow over time and resists heel marks
  • Exceptional flow and leveling make application easy

GymShoe helps you put your best floor forward. Learn more.


Emulsion PRO™ Super Matte is back with best-in-class wear resistance!

You asked, we listened!

Emulsion PRO™ Super Matte is back with best-in-class wear resistance! Get the amber tones of an oil based urethane, but with all of the advantages of a waterbased product – now available in a new lower sheen.

Click here to learn more!

EasyStreet News Image

Easy Just Got Easier!

New and Improved!

Application of EasyStreet™ just got easier! Basic Coating’s new High Build formula for EasyStreet semi-gloss, satin and super matte gives superior application performance while still remaining a one component finish.

EasyStreet High Build Features and Benefits:

  • Superior application with new High Build formulation
  • One component, clear film clarity
  • Outstanding durability
  • Superior flow, leveling and low foam formula
  • Low non-offensive odor

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See What’s New at Basic Coatings

Basic Coatings® has introduced many new products and programs this year for hardwood floor professionals! Watch the short video below to see what we have been up to so far in 2016!

For any questions buy cialis generic india about the latest products or training programs from Basic Coatings, please visit us online at or call Customer Service at (800) 441-1934.

bc mid year video thumbnail

StreetShoe NXT Announcement

Introducing StreetShoe NXT – The Next Evolution in Waterbased Technology

Basic Coatings® is excited to announce StreetShoe® NXT, the next evolution of StreetShoe waterbased wood floor finish! StreetShoe NXT is the next generation in two-component waterbased technology specifically formulated to increase the performance and quality of the StreetShoe waterbased finish you already love.

StreetShoe NXT features a high build formulation built on nano technology for the highest level of duability. NXT is easy to apply with a T-bar, roller or paint pad and can be applied directly cialis for sale in usa over stain. Need back on your floors sooner? No problem! StreetShoe NXT still has the fastest cure available, reaching a 90% full cure in just one day.

Other benefits of StreetShoe NXT include:

  • UV inhibitors minimize sunlight-related color changes
  • 275 VOC
  • Available in three sheens: gloss, semi-gloss and satin

For more information on StreetShoe NXT or Basic Coatings’ other superior waterbased wood floor finishes, visit us online at or call customer service at (800) 441-1934.


Introducing PureMatte Waterbased Wood Floor Finish

Basic Coatings is excited to introduce PureMatte™ as the latest addition in the Basic Coatings waterbased wood floor finish line. PureMatte is a two-component matte waterbased finish that is specifically formulated to preserve the natural matte look of wood floors. PureMatte combines commercial durability with a classic matte look for excellent wear and cleanability.

Other features of PureMatte include:

  • Best-in-class soil resistance and cleanability to extend the life of hardwood floors
  • Exceptional application forgiveness and touch-up blending
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • UV inhibitor technology minimizes sunlight-related color changes
  • Fastest cure available
  • Ideal for both commercial and residential

Watch the video below for more information.

For more information about PureMatte or to find distribution in your area, visit us online at or contact Customer Service at (800) 441-1934.


Introducing: StreetShoe Certified and Guaranteed Program

Basic Coatings® is pleased to offer the StreetShoe® Certified & Guaranteed Program. If you are not 100% satisfied when using StreetShoe . . . the finish is FREE! The Basic Coatings StreetShoe Certified & Guaranteed Program means that each gallon of StreetShoe has passed a thorough quality and application testing protocol and will flow, level and be free of film imperfections, cheapest cialis online when the initial coat and subsequent maintenance coats are applied in accordance to label directions and written specifications. This program will cover the cost of the StreetShoe finish in the event of any film issues listed above.Click here for Basic Coatings StreetShoe Certified and Guaranteed Program details and eligibility.

For more information, contact Basic Coatings Customer Service at (800) 247-5471 or Contact Us.


GHS: What is it?

As you may be aware, OSHA has modified its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) in March 2012 to align with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

What is GHS?
In 1992, the harmonization of classification and labelling of chemicals was one of six program areas that were endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly to strengthen international efforts concerning the environmentally sound management of chemicals. GHS provides a global standard for:

  • Creating classification processes that use available data on chemicals for comparison with the defined hazard criteria; and
  • Communicating hazard information, as well as protective measures, on labels and safety data sheets (SDS).

What is the impact of GHS to Basic Coatings?
All Basic Coatings labeled products manufactured after June 1, 2015, will be labeled with the new GHS labels.

What changes can customers expect to see?

Between now and the June 1 deadline, we will begin the transition to the GHS labels and SDS:

  • Labels will now have pictograms surrounded by a red diamond shaped border for materials that have health or physical hazards.
  • The name material safety data sheet (MSDS) will change to safety data sheet (SDS).
  • GHS requires the adoption of a new 16-section format of SDS as the standard, which is the same as our current Basic Coatings MSDS.
  • Certain standardized precautionary statements are required on SDS and labels.

To help better understand GHS, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions. 

Q. How will the user know the SDS is the new GHS version?

A. The SDS sheet will be labeled Safety Data Sheet and not Material Safety Data Sheet, will contain the 16 specified sections, and have its GHS classification and Pictograms in Section 2 if applicable.


Q.  When do the new SDS sheets and labels have to be provided by manufacturer?

A.  June 1, 2015


Q.  When do the new SDS sheets and labels have to be provided by the distributor?

A. New SDS Sheets must be provided by June 1, 2015.  New labels by December 1, 2015


Q. Is there a deadline for end users to use chemicals with current labeling?

A. No, currently OSHA has not issued any use date.  From an OSHA generic cialis online best price perspective, customers may use current inventories until they are depleted.


Q. Will a facility need to keep old MSDS sheets?

A. Yes.  Manufacturers, distributors and end user employers must keep old safety data sheets for 30 years or equivalent records containing the chemical identity and information.


Q. During the transition period, June 1, 2015 until December 1, 2015, can an end user have the option to use either the old MSDS or the new SDS sheet?

A. No.  A distributor or end user employer should acquire or request the GHS SDS by June 1, 2015.  A distributor can continue to sell the older version label until December 1, 2015.  A customer can continue to use a product with the older version label but must refer to the new GHS SDS for the product.


Q. Could there be more than one GHS Pictogram on a label and SDS?

A. Yes.  If there is more than one hazard, multiple Pictograms may be used.


Q. If the product is not classified hazardous, will it require a Pictogram?

A.  No, only chemicals classified as hazardous.


Q.  Can Pictograms have a black border?

A.  No.  The Pictogram must have a red border, white background and black hazard symbols.


Q.  Do I need to have an SDS for every chemical used in the facility?

A.  No, only if it is a hazardous material.  But as a best practice users should request SDS for all chemical products used by an employee in their normal job function.


Q. Will DOT Hazard Labels be on product containers in addition to the new GHS Pictograms?

A.  Potentially.  Shipping cartons and containers will have DOT hazard labels and product containers will have the GHS Pictograms.  If a product container is also the shipping container, such as a 55 gal drum, both the hazard label and the GHS pictograms will appear on it.


Q.  Do I need to update the facility HAZCOM Program with the new GHS requirements.

A.  Yes.


Basic Coatings is committed to complying with the requirements of HCS 2012/GHS and is taking every step necessary to ensure that we are prepared to successfully transition to the new GHS label and SDS formats in the U.S. by the June 1 deadline.

Summer Special

Basic Coatings® 10% Summer Special

Start the season off right with Basic Coatings 10% Off Summer Special and save on Basic Coatings “Big 4”. Including EasyStreet, the toughest one component, clear finish on the market today with guaranteed easy application, Emulsion PRO with advanced oil and water technology for the look of oil and the durability of water and both StreetShoe® and StreetShoe® 275 the fastest curing, longest lasting finishes available.

It’s a great time to stock up and save for the busy cialis price vs viagra season!

Simply go to any participating Basic Coatings Distributor and receive 10% off the purchase of any Basic Coatings EasyStreetEmulsionPRO or StreetShoe and StreetShoe 275 products.  All sizes and sheens apply as well as mixed purchases.  Act fast, offer only available for the months of May and June.

For further information please contact your local Basic Coatings Regional Manager or call Basic Coatings Customer Service at 800-441-1934.

Player’s Choice™ Premier and OMU Upgrades

Player’s Choice™

Basic Coatings® is excited to introduce Player’s Choice Premier™ as the latest addition in the Basic Coatings Waterbased Sport Floor Finish Line. Player’s Choice Premier is a two component clear waterbased sport finish specifically formulated for sports floor applications.  Player’s Choice Premier provides the highest levels of durability and chemical resistance along with superior coverage and extended wear properties.

* Exceptional Two Component DurabilityB1662-0512 small

* 24 Hour Pot Life

* Can be Recatalyzed for Use as an Intermediate Coat

* Colorless, Clear Finish Clarity

* Excellent Chemical and Perspiration Resistance

* Easy to Maintain

* Superior Flow, Leveling and Low Foam Formula

* Low Non-Offensive Odor

* Available in Gloss 5 gallon pails

 Click here to learn more about Player’s Choice Premier


OMU Upgrades

Basic Coatings has revitalized our line of oil-based finishes and Quick Dry Sealers. This buy cialis online in uk includes significant upgrades in the ease of use with lower viscosities, lighter color and better dry/cure times. Also, in an effort to simplify the sometimes confusing naming structure of most oil-based products, we have also simplified the names to identify the VOC of the product. Finally, these upgraded products are available at lowered prices to better meet market demands.

* Easy ApplicationB0626-0512

* Light Amber Color for Classical Wood Look

* High Abrasion and Scuff Resistance

* Provides a Long Lasting Finish

* Environmentally Compliant Formulations

* Easy Application

* Light Amber Color for Classical Wood Look

* High Abrasion and Scuff Resistance

* Provides a Long Lasting Finish

* Environmentally Compliant Formulations

Click to learn more about Basic’s Quick Dry Sealer

Click to learn more about Basic’s Player’s Choice OMU 550

Basic Coatings® has you Covered!

Contractor_Postcard_Sellsheet_300x156Basic Coatings® offers personalized marketing materials to help you better reach your customers. Choose from several postcards and sell sheets highlighting Basic Coatings maintenance program that successfully eliminates dirt, dust, oil, and other contaminants that weaken hardwood floors and can lead to costly repairs.

The user friendly layouts allow you to easily add your buy cialis overnight address and a custom message to your customers. Once you’re happy with your personalized message take the file to any local or online printer. Any questions please contact your local Basic Coatings representative.

Hardwood Maintenance Postcard

Hardwood Maintenance Postcard with Tykote

Hardwood Maintenance Sell Sheet

Hardwood Maintenance Sell Sheet with Tykote


The Basic Coatings Pullover Giveaway is still going! Your customers can take advantage of the proven performance of StreetShoe® or the industry leading one component durability of EasyStreet™ and get covered. Purchase any combination of 12 gallons of StreetShoe or EasyStreetFinish and get a wind buy tadalafil resistant pullover FREE until supplies last!

basic promotion

New Offerings

Basic Coatings is now offering rectangular pads and sand screens for all of your surface prep needs. This new line of abrasives offers superior results when used in conjunction with the Sand Dragon™ Orbital Sanding Machines.

sand dragon - basic

  • All screens are manufactured cialis online texas with waterproof resins and silicon carbide abrasives
  • Multiple grits available for 14″ x 20″ and 14″ x 28″ machines
  • Maroon pads for consistent inter-coat abrasion


Contact your Regional Sales Manager or Basic Coatings Customer Service at 800-247-5471 for more information.


Basic Coatings® has you Covered!

CaptureBasic Coatings® is excited to announce the Basic Coatings Pullover Giveaway.  Your contractor customers can take advantage of the proven performance of StreetShoe or the industry leading one component durability of EasyStreet and get covered.  Purchase any combination of 12 gallons of StreetShoe® or EasyStreet™ Finish and get a wind cheap cialis 20 mg resistant pullover FREE!  Offer starts April 15th and runs till supplies last, keep a lookout for the hardcopy marketing materials attached or contact your local Basic Coatings representative for more information.

Basic Coatings Pullover Rebate Form (Editable Version)

Basic Coatings Pullover Rebate Form

Basic Coatings Promotion

Water Works

Awaterworks2re you aware that Basic Coatings® quarterly newsletter Water Works is now available for download here on the blog! Learn about all the great products, programs and news cialis online us from Basic Coatings by subscribing to our blog today! Stay tuned for more to come from Basic Coatings! Read our latest edition of  Water Works!


B1657-0512_300x300_mainHave you heard about Basic Coating’s new addition?  EasyStreet™ , the latest addition in the Basic Coatings Waterbased Wood Floor Finish Line, is flying off the shelves in high demand! EasyStreet is a One Component Clear Waterbased Wood Floor Finish specifically genuine cialis no prescription formulated for Commercial, Residential and Sports Floor applications. EasyStreet provides a completely colorless, clear finish with exceptional durability and chemical resistance. If you are looking for more details about Basic Coating’s latest addition, make sure you visit

Emulsion PRO™

Emulsion PROUsually, oil and water do not mix, but Basic Coatings® new Emulsion PRO™ will renew your hardwood floors and leave them looking great! Basic Coating’s Emulsion PRO is the latest innovative oil and water addition to the Basic Coating’s Waterbased Wood Floor Finish Line.Emulsion PRO is a professional grade self-sealing, low foam, buy generic cialis online in usa dual crosslinking polyurethane system designed for use in a variety of wood floor applications. Emulsion PRO adds a rich amber color, much like oil, with fast dry times and superior application properties for a professional look every time. With Basic Coating’s Emulsion PRO, you will not be disappointed.

Dirt Dragon™

EB88900-12_300x300_mainBasic Coatings® knows your time is important, that is why we have developed the Dirt Dragon™ to give your hardwood floors a deep clean with an immediate dry finish! Making hardwood floor maintenance easy, this compact and powerful machine will clean hardwood floors without damaging the finish. The adjustable solution control and adjustable cialis online from india head pressure makes this machine suitable for all types of hardwood floors. The exclusive water containment and vacuum system will extract the toughest dirt and surface contaminants while leaving the floor immediately dry after use. Our easy folding ergonomic handle will make for easy storage until your next use!

Hardwood Floor Refinisher

Basic Coatings® Hardwood Floor Refinisher Hardwood Floor Refinisherwill give your hardwood floors a new shine in a short amount of time! This durable, waterbased, urethane finish is an easy way to revitalize your finished hardwood floors. Simply clean, apply and let dry for a refinished new wood cialis online florida floor. The Hardwood Floor refinisher also is a low volatile organic compound (V.O.C.), making it environmentally friendly! This product is available in Gloss or Satin for your personal preference.