Introducing PureMatte Waterbased Wood Floor Finish

Basic Coatings is excited to introduce PureMatte™ as the latest addition in the Basic Coatings waterbased wood floor finish line. PureMatte is a two-component matte waterbased finish that is specifically formulated to preserve the natural matte look of wood floors. PureMatte combines commercial durability with a classic matte look for excellent wear and cleanability.

Other features of PureMatte include:

  • Best-in-class soil resistance and cleanability to extend the life of hardwood floors
  • Exceptional application forgiveness and touch-up blending
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • UV inhibitor technology minimizes sunlight-related color changes
  • Fastest cure available
  • Ideal for both commercial and residential

Watch the video below for more information.

For more information about PureMatte or to find distribution in your area, visit us online at http://www.basiccoatings.com or contact Customer Service at (800) 441-1934.

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