Don’t Experience a Fall-ing Out with Your Hardwood Floors

It’s that time of the year again when the warm summer days come to a screeching halt and the leaves begin to change. Autumn brings many challenges for hardwood floors which are often only remembered during the heat and humidity of the summer months. As cooler, outside air is heated for indoor use, the relative humidity level drops substantially. This in turn, affects several things related to hardwood floors; mainly finish application, maintenance and wood shrinkage.

Lower humidity will shorten the working time of applying finish, so application procedures will need to be adjusted. Streamline your techniques in order to apply finish in less time. If you restrict ventilation while applying a finish, you will create more working time. Also consider adding some water to waterbased finishes to increase working time. Remember to ventilate well after the finish is applied!

squeakyWith cooler climates and drier air, dust migration also increases. Excessive dust makes floors slippery and can increase wear. Inclement generic cialis canadian weather increases tracked-in dirt, salt, sand, and grit so cleaning schedules should be increased to compensate. Frequent dust mopping and cleaning with Squeaky Cleaner is an excellent method to remove dust, dirt, and other build-ups. We recommend using a matting system by doors to avoid slip and fall accidents from dirt and contaminants that are brought in from the outside.

When moisture levels drop, wood shrinkage is an entirely natural process that opens up cracks between boards in wood floors. Unfortunately, opening cracks are almost always noticeable and objectionable, in newly installed or freshly resanded floors.

Shrinkage can be aggravated by inadequate building materials and sub-floors, insufficient nailing or gluing, lack of acclimation of flooring before installation, or improper sealing and finishing systems.

The cooler months can be a hard time for your hardwood floors, but a few simple steps can dramatically decrease the risk of damage. Look to Basic Coatings for more tips and recommendations to maintain your hardwood floors!

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