Introducing: StreetShoe Certified and Guaranteed Program

Basic Coatings® is pleased to offer the StreetShoe® Certified & Guaranteed Program. If you are not 100% satisfied when using StreetShoe . . . the finish is FREE! The Basic Coatings StreetShoe Certified & Guaranteed Program means that each gallon of StreetShoe has passed a thorough quality and application testing protocol and will flow, level and be free of film imperfections, cheapest cialis online when the initial coat and subsequent maintenance coats are applied in accordance to label directions and written specifications. This program will cover the cost of the StreetShoe finish in the event of any film issues listed above.Click here for Basic Coatings StreetShoe Certified and Guaranteed Program details and eligibility.

For more information, contact Basic Coatings Customer Service at (800) 247-5471 or Contact Us.

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