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Protect Hardwood Floors From Ultraviolet Sunlight

Ultraviolet Rays and Wood Floors

We’ve all heard horror stories about how the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage our skin. What you may not know is that UV light can also wreak havoc on hardwood floors and their coatings.

Hardwood floors are coated for one reason above all others—protection. Coatings help protect wood floors from a number of elements. Moisture and abrasion are perhaps the most common concerns for hardwood floor owners, but even the sunlight through windows can damage a floor. Ultraviolet light produced by the sun’s rays can significantly age wood, much as it does human skin. With prolonged exposure, the more harmful UV light can be. Most coatings help protect wood from this kind of damage, however, UV light can also cause some very obvious and unwanted changes to the coatings themselves.

Hardwood floors are at their best appearance right after they’ve been refinished. Many wood floor owners, though, have unrealistic expectations and think the floor will continue to maintain peak finish for many years after installation. Typically, over a period of time, floor finish can yellow considerably. If the floor had been stained, it may experience significant discoloration. A floor that was once rosewood in color could end up golden brown. Whether refinishing or staining is a commercial or residential job, recoating can be a substantial buy cialis england investment.

With these concerns in mind, Basic Coatings® developed a finish that assures hardwood floors will stay as close to that “just finished look” as possible. StreetShoe® Wood Floor Finish is a top of the line, high performance floor finish. The fastest-curing finish on the market, StreetShoe is the industry benchmark for waterbased finishes and comes in four sheens. StreetShoe can be used for a variety of commercial applications as well as high-end residential. This product not only provides greater durability than the competition, but also has a special UV stabilizer that helps avoid unsightly yellowing caused by ultraviolet light. StreetShoe also protects stained floors from losing their new color.

After 500 hours in a Q.U.V. Accelerated Weathering Tester, StreetShoe significantly outperformed all other competing floor finishes tested. Coated over stain, the competition experienced an 85 percent loss of original color, while StreetShoe experienced a mere 15% color change. Act now and you can protect your wood floors from harmful UV light and additional color loss.

For more information on StreetShoe Wood Floor Finish or any of Basic Coatings’ other quality top of the line products, call 800-441-1934 or visit us online at

Micah Petersen


Micah Petersen is a Product Manager in Floor Care at Basic Coatings®. To contact a customer service representative, Contact Us or call (800) 441-1934.


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