We Will Make this Choice an EASY One!

Having issues with your Maple floors? We aren’t surprised. Maple wood floors are known to show the smallest of blemishes and cosmetic flaws. The density of the wood does not allow for the wood finish to permeate the wooden fibers. Our friends maple woodat The Philadelphia Floor Store, Inc. thought that testing floor finishes on maple wood would be a great opportunity to separate the good finishes from the great finishes. The Philadelphia Floor Store has a room filled with a variety of wood floor samples for the sole purpose of testing products. They decided to put our EasyStreet™ up to the test against the notoriously difficult maple wood floor.

Before we tell you how it went, we are going to let you in on a little secret. EasyStreet, the one component waterbased floor provides for outstanding clarity and durability without an outside catalyst. It is ideal for commercial, residential and sporting floors, including those that are maple!

Now, back to EasyStreet. The Philadelphia Floor Store chose to test the Satin finish. (EasyStreet comes in four different finishes: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Super Matte and Satin). The reasonuntitleding for choosing Satin was because Satin is more likely to highlight finishing flaws that have to do with flow and leveling. What they found was that EasyStreet’s Satin finish responded flawlessly. Mike cheap generic cialis free shipping Glavin, from the Philadelphia Floor Store commented on EasyStreet, “ It’s forgiving and easy to use for a single component water based product, it’s a great overall product and we would recommend it to any of our customers!” said Glavin. The company saw no blemishes, streaks or bubbles. They also found that EasyStreet is one of the easiest finishes to use that is available in the market.  It is compatible with A, B and C mechanics.  Since it is a single component finish, you do not have to worry about mixing a catalyst to get your desirable outcome. Another added benefit of EasyStreet is that unlike most floor finishes, EasyStreet can be applied with two different methods, rolling and pulling.

If you are struggling with your maple wood floors, ask Philadelphia Floor Store yourself! Basic Coatings strives to stay current in the hardwood floor finish industry providing you with me most technically advanced products. Visit Basic Coatings® today!

Micah PetersenMicah Petersen, Product Manager for Basic Coatings, spent the first 15 years of his career as a Research and Development Chemist before becoming Product Manager. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and a multitude of outdoor activities. For further questions regarding hardwood floor care and Basic Coatings, please email Micah at Micahblog@basiccoatings.com.

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