Why Basic Coatings®? Great Tips and Recommendations!

Recommendations for Rolling Applications

Basic Coatings® routinely tests commonly used paint rollers to insure compatibility with all Basic Coatings Waterbased Wood Floor Finishes.  Basic Coatings has found the listed rollers to perform best with all Basic Coatings Finishes. With good application methods, many different rollers will work with various finishes.  If you are looking for great results, take a look at our recommended list of rollers and procedures.roller

Recommended Paint Rollers for Basic Coatings Waterbased Finishes

  • 5/16” Sherwin Williams® Microfiber
  • 5/16” Wooster® Microfiber
    • Note:  Best results were found using rollers labeled for “Smooth Surfaces”.

For bare wood, apply two coats of a Basic Coatings Waterbased Sealer with a T-bar, roller and/or paint pad per label instructions, abrade and tack floor with Basic Coatings Squeaky™ Cleaner before applying a Basic Coatings Waterbased Finish. For screen and recoats, use a 120 grit screen or higher for final screen, for best results use a maroon pad (3M spp) with 240 grit Gold Strips, then tack floor with Basic Coatings Squeaky™ Cleaner before you apply the top coat.

To begin, use a paint pad to trim along the starting wall, pour a line across the floor boards about five to six inches wide and condition the roller with finish.  Place the roller past the line of finish and roll back through the finish in three to four foot sweeps, roll forward through the finish buy cheap cialis 20mg again feathering up at the end.  Repeat this process in six to seven inch increments until the floor is completed.  Rollers sliding or skipping is an indication of too much finish, roll excess finish out before continuing.  Allow finish to dry 30 to 45 minutes before adding any airflow to prevent debris from collecting or skinning to occur. Finish will be ready for recoat in 3 to 4 hours depending on environmental conditions.

Basic Coatings recommendations have been fully tested at our application laboratory and shown to work under proper environmental conditions and sound application techniques.  Recommendations are not to be considered warranty for misuse or improper application methods.  These recommendations should not be considered the only way to apply Basic Coatings Waterbased Finishes.  For many years Basic Coatings products have been applied with a variety of methods from T-bars and paint pads to spray, brushing and wipe on application.  Please contact a Basic Coatings Representative or consult basiccoatings.com for more information on application methods.

Micah Petersen, Product Manager for Basic Coatings, spent the first 15 years of his career as a Research and Development Chemist before becoming Product Manager. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and a multitude of outdoor activities. For further questions regarding hardwood floor care and Basic Coatings, please email Micah at Micahblog@basiccoatings.com.


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