Dirt Dragon™

EB88900-12_300x300_mainBasic Coatings® knows your time is important, that is why we have developed the Dirt Dragon™ to give your hardwood floors a deep clean with an immediate dry finish! Making hardwood floor maintenance easy, this compact and powerful machine will clean hardwood floors without damaging the finish. The adjustable solution control and adjustable cialis online from india head pressure makes this machine suitable for all types of hardwood floors. The exclusive water containment and vacuum system will extract the toughest dirt and surface contaminants while leaving the floor immediately dry after use. Our easy folding ergonomic handle will make for easy storage until your next use!

3 thoughts on “Dirt Dragon™

    1. BasicMarketing Post author

      The 220V Dirt Dragon is an active project for our design team. It is not currently available for purchase in Australia but should be available by the end of the year. Hope this helps.


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